Thanks for checking out this page! I'm Glad you're here.

I read Facebook's blog post last week on small businesses being as a key driver for continued growth. I created this page to show how I can help.

I listened to Zuckerberg's earnings call on the importance of expanding video, and decided to match that sentiment by creating a whimsical video on Facebook's 5 values. 

Additionally, below are 5 reasons why I'd be a great asset to Facebook. I'm hoping to join the Austin or Chicago team as an Account/Partner Manager. 

5 reasons i'd be an asset to facebook

1. I have 3 summers of internship experience in marketing and consulting

As a coffee-guzzling fiend, I was thrilled to work with Peet's Coffee. Our team was tasked with a strategy to market the "third generation of coffee" to millennials. We built and presented an 18-page deck to Peet's CEO, Dave Burwick, and were awarded 1st place in the consulting competition.

2. I can prioritize competing deadlines to work efficiently

Last summer, I worked as a YouTube Account Intern to assist the marketing and launch of 4 YouTube Red Original Series. As the only intern on the account, I was stretched thin and wasn't able to help with every request. I learned to be selective in pursuing the most important time-sensitive work. 

3. I'm a thoughtful listener and can recognize the pain points of a brand  

"One-size-fits-all" solutions don't work for SMBs. I've learned how to listen to brands and build out marketing solutions based on their needs. When hired as a photographer for The Yacht Week, I used my background in marketing to extend their digital marketing influence 11% in under a week and built their Snapchat presence from the ground up. 

4. I'm a user of the product and a proactive learner

I use Facebook advertising to increase the brand awareness of my small guacamole business, The Happy Avocado among college students. Additionally, I've been proactive in becoming certified in 4 Blueprint learning paths focused on optimizing SMB marketing.

5. I'm a maker

My DIY, solution-focused mindset pushes me to be an agent of change. I've started my own business, founded a club basketball team on campus, and am a self-taught photographer. I also have fun telling stories, creating videos, and making guacamole; whatever I'm making, it's usually something I can share with my friends. Luckily, they're kind enough to keep a bag of chips on hand. 


Phew! You made it through all of that. I appreciate your time; if you'd like to learn more, check out the links below, or feel free to drop me a line!