Hi, I’m Vaughn. 

I'm known to have a jar of homemade guac on hand at all times. I once sat next to a stranger on an airplane who recognized me from the previous week as "that guy who ate guacamole off the ground" at a polo match. I'm pretty proud of that. I'm currently competing in an entrepreneurship competition with my guacamole business.

If my guac is in my left hand, it usually means I have a camera in the other. I'm a photographer specializing in travel and lifestyle work. It's sent me to some pretty cool places. Last summer, I shot for The Yacht Week in the BVIs.

My passions connect through one common thread: I'm a storyteller. I use visual, written, and oral mediums to tell no-frills stories that connect my ideas to brand management and innovation. Previously, I've worked on marketing campaigns for 826 National and Peet's Coffee, and co-created an original social content series for YouTube with record-high engagement.

These are the pursuits that get me out of bed every morning. Welcome to my page. I’m glad you’re here.



A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world
— John LeCarre